Introducing the Bespoke Quatrefoil Whisky Bottle

News  •  07.11.18

Introducing the Bespoke Quatrefoil Whisky Bottle

The Lakes Single Malt whisky – from the Quatrefoil collection onwards, will be presented in our new bespoke signature quatrefoil bottle. The glass for our signature bottle was blown last week at our partners’ glass production factory in Leeds – we went to see for ourselves the first bottles off the production line.

The four leaves of the quatrefoil, an ancient Celtic symbol found sculpted into the bedrock of our Victorian farmyard buildings, will form the base of the bottle and create an elegant form in which we are proud to present our single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery.

The first whisky to use this symbolic design will be the distillery’s Quatrefoil Collection, which marks the coming of age of our first single malt whiskies. The four-part Collection will be a unique demonstration of our whiskymaker’s skill in the art of sherry-led maturation, whereby each release will showcase the wide flavour spectrum it can offer.

“The simple elegance of the bottle appeals to the timeless nature of the spirit – trends in the spirit industry will come and go but we wanted to create something that would reflect the elegance of the liquid inside,” commented Paul Currie, co-founder of the Lakes Distillery.

Outside of the already curated collections and limited editions, it is traditional for a whisky house to design a signature bottle that is bespoke to them. “It was time for us to take that momentous step,” remarked Nigel, Chief Executive of the distillery. “The quatrefoil bottle is intended to become an icon for the single malt going forward. The quatrefoil shape literally symbolises Faith, Hope, Luck & Love – a mantra that we have adopted as a symbol of our journey.”

Allied Glass, our partners in the development of the bottle, are an independently owned premium glass manufacturer which designs, develops and manufactures luxury glass packaging. They were selected for their expertise in bottle design and production, having already produced the bespoke bottle for Steel Bonnets featuring the intricate horseman design, alongside other bottles from iconic brands across the world.

The bottle mould was produced and signed off months before production took place in November. Molten glass is heated up to 1500°C before it is poured into one of 12 moulds. This is then sent off down a production line running at up to 34 bottles per minute before it is cooled and stabilised. The glass is made from the purest premium flint solely from raw materials with no recycled content to give the clearest finish.

“The simple elegance of the bottle appeals to the timeless nature of the spirit”