Founders' Club

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Our 10-year journey

A once in a lifetime opportunity, our 2,975 Founder's Club members are on a journey of maturation and discovery. Receiving 10 exclusive whiskies over 10 years - each drawn from the earliest casks produced at the distillery - they have a unique opportunity to experience how the character and flavour of The Lakes Spirit is evolving over time.

10 years of whisky 10x limited-edition 70cl bottles from The Lakes - released annually and drawn from the first casks of whisky ever produced at the distillery, sent to you annually
Tasting samples Included in the set are 2 x 5cl miniatures of every release, for tasting your collection as it matures
Distillery Tours Complimentary Distillery Tours for life of the member and guest
Exclusive Discounts 10% discount on any purchases online or at the Distillery Shop
Membership A Founders' Club certificate and membership card, plus your name engraved on the plaque at the distillery
Exclusive events Invitiation to an annual Founders' Club celebration event, and special offers throughout the year

Bottle Delivery FAQ

For details of the Founders' Club Year 8 Bottle Delivery, please read more here

Founders' Club Terms & Conditions