Reimagining the future of luxury

Love Letters from Britain, a new series of documentary-style films, uncovers the untold stories behind some of Britain's most beloved brands.

Produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions for Walpole, the association for British luxury brands, the series seeks to inspire a global audience by showcasing companies who lead the way in defining a new era of innovation, creativity, and dialogue in response to a changing world.

Featuring Bentley, dunhill, Jo Malone London, Molton Brown, Mulberry, The Balvenie, ourselves and more, each film has its own distinct narrative, with uniting themes; from a genuine commitment to sustainability to the preservation of traditional skills and the reframing of craft through a forward-looking lens.

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A story of modern craftsmanship

Expressing emotions, ideas and feelings through the language of whisky

Holistic Whiskymaking

Dictating the flow and character, a whiskymaker can choose to follow in the footsteps of those who have come before or opt for a more philosophically interesting approach and create something different and personal.

That is the path taken by our whiskymaker, who respects the traditions of whiskymaking heritage but is open to a world of new inspiration.

Expressing emotions, ideas and feelings through the language of whisky, Our whiskymaker adds their own personal influences. Working backwards from the final vision through each stage of the process, he nurtures and enhances the flavours needed to make the final whisky.

 Unlike traditional whiskymaking, the idea that different people are responsible for distinct individual elements of the process is not how we look at the art.

Rather, it is a net of possibilities where everything is interlinked. Change one element and the effect will change everything else.

That is why our whiskymaker is responsible for the whole continuum. It is holistic whiskymaking with an unrelenting focus on creating flavour at every stage of the spirit's journey.