The Whiskymaker's Reserve

Our journey to define a sherry-led signature style.

An artistic exploration of flavour evolution

At The Lakes, our ambition has always been clear: to become known for making one of the world’s finest sherry-matured single malt whiskies.  

As our first widely-available single malt, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve marks the beginning of that journey. Where we have explored different styles, characters, and nuances in a bid to make the most flavoursome whisky possible. 

A collection of seven exquisite wood-forward, sherry-led and flavour-packed single malts, the knowledge gained from each release in the series has taken us a step closer to defining the signature style for The Lakes Single Malt.  

New Make Spirit and Casks ABV Common features

New Make Spirit and Casks

The story of The Whiskymaker’s Reserve begins in Jerez, Spain. Previously under the guidance of whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi, bespoke American and European oak casks seasoned with sherry wine were made to integrate with our fruity new make spirit.  

The oak type and the liquid used to season that oak have a significant impact on the maturing spirit, creating more than 80% of the flavour and almost all the natural colour.  

This means developing a new make spirit to work in tandem with the oak was crucial to creating a single malt brimming with rich layers of flavour and complexity.  

Following meticulous trials and adjustments to our ingredients, equipment, and processing times, we created a light and fruity spirit robust enough to harmonise with our sherry-seasoned casks. 


The ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of The Lakes Single Malt Whisky is determined entirely by our whiskymaker and the percentage of alcohol we believe creates the optimum drinking experience.  

The first two releases of The Whiskymaker’s Reserve showcase a significantly higher alcohol percentage when compared to more recent bottlings.  

No.1 (60.6%) and No.2 (60.9%) were both bottled at cask strength because as a new distillery, to prosper, we cannot play safe. We must be willing to take risks and chose to share our inaugural single malts as they were in the cask, demonstrating the quality of our liquid. 

What are the common features of the series? 

The best way to imagine The Whiskymaker’s Reserve is like a series of family members; each sharing the same DNA but with their own unique personalities. 

All seven of the whiskies enjoy the influence of maturation in a combination of casks made from American, French and Spanish Oak, seasoned with Oloroso and PX sherry wines.  

Whilst this combination of sherry casks provides the foundation, the proactive use of élevage sees other casks, including ex-Bourbon barrels, red wine barriques, Port pipes, and a variety of additional sherry-wine seasoned casks, used to influence flavour throughout the spirit’s journey.  

A painstaking and meticulous technique, it is the art of élevage that allows us to design the complex layers of flavour associated with The Lakes Single Malt, including the rich dark fruit and gentle spice characters, toffee and caramel flavours, and our distinctive indulgent finish.  

Explore the full evolution

A new chapter awaits

As we begin to close the book on The Whiskymaker’s Reserve, it is important to realise that this is not the end of our exploration of sherry-led flavours. With an exciting new chapter on the horizon, taking the knowledge and understanding we have gained from designing each of the seven releases, we cannot wait to reveal what is next for The Lakes Single Malt on our journey of whisky discovery.

"If whisky is an art, then after spending time with Dhavall in his blending lab, this man is an artist relishing his palette."

Rob Allanson, Editor, Whisky Magazine