Design-led whiskymaking

Respecting tradition but refusing to be bound by it, we not only look at what whisky is but what it can become.

Open to new worlds of inspiration, we push boundaries in pursuit of flavour creation.

While respecting the conventions of whisky’s rich heritage and what we can learn from the experience of centuries, we refuse to be bound by them, interpreting what we think is right to make The Lakes Single Malt one of the finest sherry-led single malt whiskies.

Everything revolves around our Whisky Studio

At the heart of our whiskymaking process, our state-of-the-art Whisky Studio is where we design the style and character of The Lakes Single Malt.

Orchestrating a meticulous journey that embraces every intricate detail, we nurture flavour and create layers of complexity at every opportunity.

With everything precisely engineered to make the most flavoursome whisky possible, it is our modern approach to maturation and blending that defines The Lakes Single Malt.

The art of élevage

Taking inspiration from Cognac's cellarmasters, we have taken the concept of élevage - a proactive involvement in whisky's maturation - to create intriguing layers of flavour.

So much more complex than putting a spirit in some wood and waiting, élevage is an active commitment throughout the ageing process, conducting the interplay between spirit, oak, and air, where the majority of the whisky’s flavour is created.

"The flavourings and the nuances are coming from the way in which they are using wood. I don’t know anybody else in the world who is doing this."

Dave Broom

Whisky Writer

Frequently sampling every maturing cask

Regularly sampling each one of our maturing casks, we identify those with our whisky’s core characteristics and where we can make intentional changes to evolve an abundance of new and intriguing flavours.

Changing the location and climate of maturing casks, moving whisky between cask types, and blending whisky from different casks, we layer flavours and complexity at every stage.

With infinite steps in the élevage process, there are infinite possibilities for intricate flavour creation.

A pro-active commitment

A painstaking and age-old craft, élevage demands patience and time. It also necessitates the whiskymaker to know each cask intimately and how the flavours are evolving.

It is only by understanding how flavours are created, how they will evolve, and by controlling every parameter, that you can fully comprehend the spectrum of possibility.

When our whisky reaches the peak of its maturity, it is blended to create The Lakes Single Malt Whisky. Married together for up to a year before bottling, this patient and proactive approach creates the depth and complexity we desire.