Double win in The Global Distillery Masters 2017

News  •  07.02.17

Double win in The Global Distillery Masters 2017

Amazing news – we’ve won not one but TWO awards in The Global Distillery Masters 2017!


The Global Distillery Masters series is the product of the Spirits Business magazine and aims to showcase and celebrate the best of the distillery industry. A panel of judges, including the Spirits Business’ deputy editor Amy Hopkins and the founder of the Craft Distilling Expo David T. Smith, allocated awards based on a written submission from each candidate. This year’s awards focused on five categories: Consumer Experience, Digital & Social Media, Distillery Facilities, Distillery Innovation and Green Initiatives. Of the two categories we entered, we won ‘Master’ medals for both – the highest accolade!

For the ‘Consumer Experience’ category (the first time we’ve won this category), the interactive nature of our tours caught the judges’ eyes, with Hopkins stating, “It’s interesting to show whisky ageing, even when the liquid isn’t yet ready for bottling.”


We also managed to win a ‘Master’ medal for the ‘Distillery Facilities’ category for the second year running. The statistic that “21,000 visitors went to the Bistro” highlighted as demonstrating how our facilities go above and beyond offering just a distillery tour.

The quality of the overall entries were thought to be much higher this year than the previous year’s awards. “This year’s Distillery Masters demonstrated the growing ambition to position themselves as high-quality tourist destinations, not just spirit making facilities,” said Hopkins.


We look forward to seeing you in the new year to experience our award-winning facilities!