Stories told through the art of élevage

A design-led whiskymaker, we not only look at what whisky is, but what it can become.

With the launch of The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.7, the final release in the Reserve series, we take a look at the full journey of the seven whiskies that make up the collection.

As a new distillery, we know that to prosper we cannot play safe. The final whisky must say 'I am The Lakes'.

Introducing The Whiskymaker's Reserve


Designing a new whisky requires a framework of sorts, but there has to be room within it to play.

An artistic exploration

Since the onset, The Lakes Distillery has sought to create exquisite wood-forward, sherry-led, single malt whiskies.

The Whiskymaker's Reserve is an artistic exploration of maturation and blending; of flavour evolution and our journey to define a sherry-led house style.

The architecture of each release of has evolved in keeping with both our sherry cask influence and our sense of adventure as we unlock infinite variables and never-ending flavour possibilities.

An obsession with flavour

Every whisky uses the same process and starts with the same raw ingredients, but each distillery does it differently.

It relies upon every element linking together, and understanding how flavours can be nurtured, developed, and improved at every step of the journey.

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Pushing the boundaries of flavour creation


Each cask has a different story to tell.

Infinite possibilities

Whisky maturation is much more than simply filling casks with spirit and waiting.

The oak type and the liquid used to season that oak have a significant impact on the maturing spirit, creating more than 80% of the flavour and almost all of the natural colour.

The majority of our casks are made to bespoke specifications. Adding their own personalities as they integrate with our spirit, they work in combination to produce layers of depth and complexity.

Design-led whiskymaking

By carefully and deliberately controlling every parameter - oak type, drying time, toasting levels, seasoning - we build layer upon layer of complexity. Practising the art of élevage, we take a pro-active approach to create the flavours we are looking for and make The Lakes Single Malt.

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Stories told through the art of élevage


"The Lakes Distillery introduces new flavours by using a special technique called élevage. It always brings a unique and sophisticated style to their whiskies."

Yann Bouvignies


Layering flavour

In the latter releases of the Reserve series, we connected the complexity of élevage with the imagination of some of the finest mixologists in the world to design serves that reflect the philosophy of the élevage process.

By adding a twist to the traditional, layering complementary and contrasting flavours, and integrating personal influences, mixologists from world-renowned bars across London play with aroma and flavour to bring different characters to the fore.

Inspiring mood through flavour

 Explore the Stories told through the art of élevage campaign for The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.6 and find out how The Lakes Single Malt can be styled to influence an array of different emotional connections through flavour, sound, and ambience.


A fragrant and refined finale


"This is a breathtaking feast for the senses and I cannot wait to discover what happens next at The Lakes."

Tiago Mira


Fellow seekers of the sublime

To celebrate the final release in the evolution that has charted our journey to define our signature style, we have partnered with London's most exclusive new restaurant and private members club, Bacchanalia.

Set in the heart of Mayfair, Bacchanalia invites guests to indulge in life's richness. Proudly showcasing our collection in its exclusive members' club, it is here, in this extravagant venue, where The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.7 is showcased in an opulent serve.

Progress is never done

The final whisky in series is not our signature style, but the final evolution on our journey to define it.

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