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Our first and original Whiskymaker's Project is the result of a forensic examination of every facet of what a sherry cask could be. At the establishment of The Lakes Distillery, the whiskymaker wanted to create a visionary style of sherry matured whisky, who leads with oak to create flavour. 

In the making

Use the link to the podcast below to listen to your exclusive "Behind the scenes" interview with Dhavall Gandhi. Here, Dhavall discusses the background behind this project, providing exclusive insight into the mind of a whiskymaker whol leads with oak to create flavour.



"I'd always loved sherry... the more I got to understand how elegant and nuanced sherry is, the more it became apparent that the whisky world hadn't tapped into its full potential." 

Dhavall Gandhi

Lakes Whiskymaker

Exploring the Elements

The intent for Elements is that it not only provides education and understanding, but also the opportunity for the whisky enthusiast to experience, with the aid of a reference library and booklet, the specific characters derived from each cask. Together we enter a world beyond just taste, but also aroma, texture and the functional role that each Element has to play when used as a blending component in the formation of a sherry-led single malt whisky.

The result? NOT a series of finished whiskies, but an understanding of the role each Element plays in our whisky philosophy. Portrayed as magnificent oak trees and illustrated to reflect their contribution toward designing a new single malt, Elements is a study of sherry-seasoned casks and an insight into the process and whiskymaking philosophy at The Lakes.   

"Sherry offers a vast array of flavours, nuances and textures that are truly amazing. This project was to understand and unlock what possibilities a sherry cask can give." 

Dhavall Gandhi

Lakes Whiskymaker

Every single day as a whisky maker is a day you learn. We are an apprentice in a craft that no one ever becomes a master. 

The Lakes Philosophy