Arrival of our Spanish sherry casks

News  •  17.03.17

Arrival of our Spanish sherry casks

Exciting times ahead – our Sherry Hogsheads have recently arrived at the distillery for our future malt whisky!

At the distillery, we take our whisky making very seriously and, to ensure consistency and quality, we source our casks directly from our supplier in Spain. These casks have been custom tailored based on the specifications by our Master Blender, Dhavall Gandhi and they will give a distinctive flavour and aroma to our whisky.

Whisky matured in Spanish oak ex-Sherry casks will impart flavours and aromas of dried fruits, spice and ginger.

Sherry casks are several times more expensive than a Bourbon Barrel but they are worth every penny because they add Christmas cake-like flavours to our whisky. These casks look the same but there are actually at least five different variants – each specified to give us a unique character and style of whisky. This variety gives our Master Blender a palette of flavours that will come together in our upcoming Lakes Malt.

Here’s the moment the casks arrived!