Behind the scenes: The Lakes Gin

News  •  31.03.20

Behind the scenes: The Lakes Gin

Inspired by our majestic home in the Lake District National Park, our classic English gin is exceptionally smooth with a perfectly balanced flavour, designed to stand the test of time.

Born out of a desire to bring each of these elements together, one simply beautiful visual has been created.

Using our unique quatrefoil embossed glass bottle as the centrepiece, D8, our creative partner, worked with the photographer Susan Castillo to create an elegant silk landscape to reflect both the Lake District and our gin’s exceptional smoothness. The copper ripples of water represent time, reflecting the long, slow and gentle distillation in our traditional copper pot still and the timeless flavour of The Lakes Gin.

The artist, Susan Castillo

A skilled still life and conceptual product photographer, we commissioned Susan to create an abstract depiction reflecting the provenance, core qualities and characteristics of The Lakes Gin.

Susan’s painstaking attention to detail, meticulous process and commitment to quality, irrespective of time, made her the perfect match. It all began with some loose sketches…


With a deep understanding of objects and the important relationship they share with light, texture, colour and the environment, Susan skillfully created the Lakes landscape from a single layer of semi-transparent silk suspended in the air.

The master craftsman, John Galvin

Exploring how to represent the timeless nature of our gin graphically, long-time D8 collaborator and master craftsman John Galvin brought to life the concept of water ripples reflecting our gin’s gentle distillation in our traditional copper pot still.

Using polished copper, 1.5mm thick and 3mm high, John meticulously hand-crafted the concentric circles rippling from the bottle.

Copper ripples

Simply beautiful, The Lakes Gin

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Using only a select few of the finest botanicals, to ensure consistency of flavour and year-round freshness, we infuse our unique blend in the finest British wheat spirit and the purest water drawn from The Lake District National Park.

Juniper, coriander and angelica provide our gin’s flavour cornerstones. Orris root, cassia bark and liquorice offer complementary flavours with orange and lemon peel enhancing our gin’s citrus notes.

Steeping the botanicals like loose-leaf tea in our traditional copper pot still, they interact freely with the spirit, encouraging the essential oils to release more slowly, protecting their delicate flavour.

Gently distilled with the luxury of time for exceptional smoothness, the end result is a classic English gin with vibrant notes of juniper, cracked black pepper and orange peel.

Simply beautiful.