Explorer Reaches North Pole!

News  •  18.04.17

Explorer Reaches North Pole!

Lakes Gin Explorer edition has made it as far as the North Pole!

Although we’d love to say it was one of the team, The Lakes Distillery took the safer option to team up with arctic adventurer Alan Chambers in a partnership that takes the distillery’s spirits to the most extreme ends of the earth. We like to recommend the Explorer Gin to be drank neat on ice but this was on another level entirely!

Alan Chambers, MBE, is a qualified (as much as someone can be qualified!) and experienced arctic explorer. As a former Royal Marine commando, Mr Chambers was the first British explorer to reach the North Pole unsupported in 2000. He has also traversed across the entire length of Iceland by ski, led groups in an Ultra Arctic Challenge across the Yukon and highlighted climate change in a trek across Greenland. And if that wasn’t enough, he has since completed the North Pole expedition no less than another 12 times.

And this time was with the Distillery’s spirits in hand.

Mr Chambers commented that The ONE “tasted great” in the minus 40 degree temperatures, saying that it was “seriously lovely” to get in some warmth in those extremes.

Drawing on his experience of survival and endurance in icy climates, he also dabbles in a bit of motivational speaking and has even written co-authored a best selling business development book, ‘Keep Walking: Leadership Learning in Action’. Mr Chambers was completing this years’ expedition in celebration of the launch of the Bentley Bentayga Diesel off-road SUV.