We're Featured in the 2018 Walpole Book of British Luxury

News  •  15.03.18

We're Featured in the 2018 Walpole Book of British Luxury

A unique and prestigious alliance of the UK’s finest luxury brands, Walpole promotes, protects and develops British luxury worldwide. We’re honoured and thrilled to be featured in their 2018 Annual.

Our Founder, Paul Currie attended the launch party earlier this month at Simpson’s in the Strand, London. Their biggest publication to date, this year’s edition features compelling content from a selection of the UK’s most accomplished writers, and inspirational stories from Walpole’s finest members. The edition is beautifully presented throughout and truly champions the essence of British craftmanship, innovation and style.

Walpole is an illustrious membership organisation which is dedicated to nourishing the British luxury industry through the development of business collaborations, networking, shared expertise and ensuring the future success of brands on an international stage. It truly encapsulates the richness of our heritage, giving luxury brands a voice to be heard.

Formed around thirty years ago, originally as ‘The Churchill Group’ by top-tier British companies, the core values of the organisation were set to advocate British excellence, providing a community for the exchange of best practice ideas to drive business development. The industry has a history of superior artistry, style, and impeccable service. It’s currently worth over £32 billion to the UK economy and a leading provider of jobs. Nurturing the next generation of up-and-coming brands is therefore paramount.

Our stunning feature provides insight into our focus and emphasis on educating the consumer about the complexity of the magical spirit we are producing, giving them the opportunity to learn and savour it as we do. Our vision from the onset has been to create one of the leading malt spirits in the world, alongside offering one of the most unique visitor experiences in the Lake District. Every detail of our journey has been carefully constructed to support the dream – from the restoration of our beautiful buildings through to the technology and expertise used to create the incredible spirits themselves.