In the making: The Whiskymaker’s Editions, Colheita.

News  •  26.08.20

In the making: The Whiskymaker’s Editions, Colheita.

Creating a new whisky necessitates a framework being in place, but there has to be room within it to play, to follow gut feeling and instinct.

At The Lakes, our whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi works holistically, not only controlling the creation of the spirit but also unlocking infinite variables and never-ending flavour possibilities throughout the liquid’s journey through the distillery.

Using only the finest, meticulously sourced casks, he knows each one intimately, nurturing the evolving flavours and opening up even more opportunity.

The origin of the oak has a different impact, as does the size of cask, the length of time the whisky has spent maturing, and the liquid the cask has been seasoned with.

It is here, amongst the complexity, where Dhavall creates a palette of flavours that will become the foundations of his masterpiece.

Introducing The Whiskymaker’s Editions

An intentional diversion from our sherry-led house style, The Whiskymaker’s Editions are a series of unique single malt whiskies which showcase our sense of adventure in maturation and blending.

Demonstrating a different side to The Lakes Single Malt, each unique bottling is an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free, coming together to realise one intrinsic objective: the creation of outstanding flavours.

Drawn from our whiskymaker’s collection of bespoke casks, the inaugural Edition brings Colheita Port’s influence into the frame.

The Nuances of Port

Port, like sherry, is a wine made with the addition of distilled grape spirit to increase the alcohol content and strengthen (or ‘fortify’) the wine.

Rich and intense, it exists in a variety of sweetness and colours, boasting an aroma and character that separate it from other wines.

One of the most recognised types, Tawny Port is aged in oak casks to aid oxidisation, giving it a beautiful golden colour, and a drier, nuttier style; similar to Oloroso sherry.

Ruby Port, on the other hand, is much sweeter and so-called because of its bright red colour. Predominantly matured in steel tanks to avoid oxidisation, Ruby casks aren’t widely available, although our whiskymaker has a selection of casks seasoned by both types of Port in The Lakes’ warehouse.


In Portuguese, Colheita (Col-yate-a) means “harvest”, which in this instance is a supreme and exceptionally rare expression of aged Tawny Port made exclusively of grapes from a single vintage.

Not to be confused with Vintage Port, Colheitas must be aged in wooden casks for at least seven years. In practice, they tend to be matured for much longer as they take on flavours of dried fruit, nuts, citrus, wood, and exotic spices. The older they get, the smoother and more complex the liquid becomes.

The Whiskymaker’s Editions, Colheita

Released on 1 September, to demonstrate a different side of The Lakes Single Malt, The Whiskymaker’s Editions Colheita has been maturated in the finest American oak Colheita Port casks, complemented by a very small proportion of Bourbon barrels to enhance and contrast certain flavour characteristics.

Smooth and refined, the resulting nose is vibrant with hints of Santa Rosa plums, pickled cherries and candied orange. The palate is complex with notes of prunes, stewed plums and warming cinnamon leading to a creamy mouthfeel and lasting finish.

At 52% ABV and £65, each of the 5,400 limited-edition bottles has been non-chill filtered, bottled at the natural colour.

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