Meet Miryana Dimitrova, the artist behind Recuerdo

News  •  30.09.21

Meet Miryana Dimitrova, the artist behind Recuerdo

Discover more about the illustrator of our latest release in The Whiskymaker’s Editions series, Recuerdo.

Simultaneously conjuring and creating one of our whiskymaker’s most cherished recollections, Recuerdo is a single malt whisky inspired by the precious memory of comforting cognac drank to soothe and relax both body and mind.

The challenge set to versatile visual artist Miryana Dimitrova was to reflect a ‘treasured memento’ in a contemporary style, mixing symbolism and romanticism.

Miryana Dimitrova is a versatile visual artist working traditionally as well as digitally.

About Miryana

Miryana’s love for art began at an early age and the desire to draw has guided her career in architecture, graphic design for film and television, and, more recently, to explore the possibilities for an artist in mobile game illustration.

Inspired by nature, the human body, emotions and expressions, and the sea, Miryana’s biggest passion – and way of self-expression – has always remained traditional drawing; working with graphite, pencils, ink and markers, mostly for private collections.

The work of an artist

Preferring to use pencil and paper when exploring human emotion, when Miryana started the official Recuerdo illustration the main shapes came first, slowly followed by the addition of shadows and finer details.

When the final artwork is ready, Miryana blends physical and digital techniques, scanning the piece to make the finishing touches and often continuing to work digitally, depending upon the final look she is aiming for.

With The Whiskymaker’s Editions – Recuerdo, our aspiration was to create an illustration of happy memories. As with all art, the process is very personal. Like all artists, Miryana is deeply connected to her drawings.

With a love for meticulous detail and clean and simple composition, Miryana’s very realistic style and her use of contrast make the image strong and powerful; floating between realism and fantasy.

Tapping into her own emotions, Miryana was able to personally connect with the drawing process. By recalling past moments, places, and people she has talked to, Recuerdo is, in a way, a self-portrait.

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