The Whiskymaker's Editions - Miramar: a versatile whisky to enjoy as you please.

News  •  05.07.21

The Whiskymaker's Editions - Miramar: a versatile whisky to enjoy as you please.

An exceptional diversion from our sherry-led house style, The Whiskymaker’s Editions – Miramar conjures up memories of meandering conversation as the sun goes down and the moon comes up.

Reminiscent of a time where panoramic ocean views progressively, irreversibly, transform before your very eyes, together with old friends, you surrender to evolution, letting destiny take care of itself. As shadows lengthen and day drifts toward dusk, it is here, among moments of blissful spontaneity where Miramar’s perfect balance and versatility come to life.

Day: Miramar Spritz

Midway between a highball and a classic spritz, the addition of White Port brings apricot notes and Aperol a pop of citrus aromatics and bitterness. Balanced beautifully with the dryness of green tea kombucha, a garnish of aromatic thyme and dried apricot offer a further nod to the uplifting flavours of the whisky. The perfect long-sipper for a sunny day, with enough complexity to gild the whisky at its heart, and develop as the ice melts and time wiles away.

In the making:

Generously fill a highball glass with ice and add 45ml of The Lakes Miramar whisky, 10ml of White Port, and 10ml of Aperol Spritz, before topping with 100ml of Green Tea Kombucha. Garnish with a sprig of thyme and dried apricot.


Evening: Miramar Sundowner

As the sun goes down and day drifts to dusk, this uplifting, multi-layered apéritif offers an exquisite way to begin your evening of adventure. The introduction of plum jam adds a rich and deep sweetness to the elegant flavours of the whisky, paired with the brightness of lemon juice, aromatics and spice of bitters and Tabasco, and a lingering salty finish reminiscent of sunset on the coast.

In the making:

Combine all the ingredients (45ml of Miramar, a heaped teaspoon of plum jam, 10ml of fresh lemon juice, a dash of Angostura Bitters, 2 drops of tabasco, and a small pinch of sea salt) in a cocktail shaker and muddle until the jam and salt dissolve. Once well combined, shake with ice until very cold. Fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of honeydew melon.


Night: Miramar

Bursting with stone fruit character and a delicately complex sweetness, Miramar is an ode to equilibrium when enjoyed with friends. Dried Morello cherries cavort with Santa Rosa plums. Fresh apricot perfumed elegance fills the warm sea air, with cinnamon, honey and toasted malt featherlight on the ocean breeze.

In the making:

Pour 50ml of Miramar neat, over ice, or with a drop of water into a whisky tumbler.

Balanced, versatile, and sociable, The Whiskymaker’s Editions – Miramar is an uplifting whisky to enjoy with good friends.