Your soundtrack to an evening of whisky and adventure.

News  •  05.07.21

Your soundtrack to an evening of whisky and adventure.

Whisky and music; two worlds entwined through the desire to create an emotional impact.

A showcase of our whiskymaker’s sense of adventure, The Whiskymaker’s Editions are expressions of creative freedom; the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free.

Creating new flavour possibilities through the art of élevage, Miramar is versatile and expansive, reflecting a time of big skies, panoramic ocean views and meandering conversation, as shadows lengthen and day drifts toward dusk.

Bursting with stone fruit character and a delicately complex sweetness, Miramar is an ode to equilibrium, evoking a time for spontaneity, where cares slip away as the sun drops down and the moon comes up.

Perfectly suited to accompany a beautiful evening and the camaraderie of good friends, jazz is crafted with the same distinct characteristics as every other style of music but pushes the boundaries of what is possible through a continual desire for improvisation.

Cool and calm, it takes influence from traditional and popular culture. Rhythmic expression and complex harmonies complement seamlessly with re-shaped notes and distinctive vocals.

Similar to a whiskymaker blending his final masterpiece, playing jazz is an intimate and deeply personal experience. Using the musical scale as a foundation upon which improvisation becomes the art form, it is the perfect soundtrack to enrich an evening of whisky and adventure.

Our whiskymaker’s recommendation:

So What, by Miles Davis

A lively journey of individual characters and moods, the opening track on Kind Of Blue, one of the biggest-selling jazz albums of all time, was voted the best-ever Jazz record by listeners of Jazz FM. Described by George Cole as being to jazz ‘what Mozart is to classical music, or The Beatles are to popular music,’ Miles Davis is one of jazz’s innovators and most influential musicians of all time.

The Köln Concert, by Keith Jarrett

A landmark of improvisation and a masterpiece in every way, the top-selling solo piano album of all time can often be heard playing in Dhavall’s whisky studio when he is in the creative zone. Keith Jarrett has been described as a ‘mesmerizing conjurer who, by dint of his supreme skill and super-smooth musical transitions, transports us to other worlds with his improvised piano soundscapes’ and, while this wasn’t his only recorded concert, it remains his most momentous and influential, binding together jazz, classical, blues, and folk seamlessly.

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