Taking inspiration from the Silk Road, The Whiskymaker's Editions - Mosaic.

News  •  16.02.22

Taking inspiration from the Silk Road, The Whiskymaker's Editions - Mosaic.

Made with carefully designed pockets of flavour from our bespoke collection of casks, the latest Edition, Mosaic, is a story told through art and flavour.

With its origin dating back more than 2,000 years, the Silk Road is an embodiment of the modern global economy when the known world was a lot smaller and more challenging to traverse.

A vast entwined network of land and sea trade routes, the path changed over time for a journey stretching from Italy and Turkey in the west, tracing through the middle east and central Asia, and on to China and Japan in the east.

A melting pot of knowledge and trade, the well-travelled pathway was fraught with danger, offering a vehicle for creative and cultural exchange where the goods and ideas shared between the diverse array of people was more than worth the risk.

Leaving a profound influence on today’s food, religion, art, poetry, and silk-making, the term ‘Silk Road’ arose to describe the ancient intercontinental avenue in the late 1800s. Today, it has become a metaphor of European and Asian cultural interchange; the inspiration behind The Whiskymaker’s Editions, Mosaic.

West meets East with our latest Whiskymaker’s Editions.

Taking inspiration from the Silk Road, Mosaic draws together a sense of adventure from East and West, uniting eclectic influences and flavours in a singular, sophisticated expression of single malt whisky.

Taking you on a journey through time and cultural becoming, it seeks to immerse you in a tale of two worlds with a mellow, rustic elegance in keeping with its cosmopolitan influences.

From crisp autumn days in the west, where the thin, sharp air surrenders to the aromas of woodfire and spent leaves, to the heady spice melange of Moorish bazaars, and then onwards into light, delicate oriental wood nuances that evoke a pearl of wisdom synonymous with Japanese temples, this is The Lakes Distillery’s attempt to create a whisky with a flavour profile reminiscent of a trader’s passage through the many ports and cities.

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