Nostalgia: a sensory trip down memory lane

News  •  05.06.24

Nostalgia: a sensory trip down memory lane

Inspired by flavours from an old-style sweetshop, The Whiskymaker's Editions Nostalgia is a single malt designed through the art of élevage.

Influenced throughout maturation by Oloroso sherry-seasoned casks, made from American and European oak, and Bourbon barrels, this single malt whisky is a rose-tinted reminder of golden days gone by.

Released globally on Wednesday 5th May, The Whiskymaker's Editions Nostalgia is non-chill filtered, bottled at 49% ABV, and natural in colour. In the UK, it can only be purchased from Selfridges, instore and online. 

Painting a colourful portrait of blooms of cherry blossom confetti, the sweet joy of pear drops and vanilla perfume, the whisky's familiar flavours evoke the heady mischief of just-plucked orchard pears and plums. With bittersweet notes of butterscotch, chocolate, and cherry drops to savour, Nostalgia is an indulgent taste of yesteryear. 


Aroma: Poached pear, baking spices, caramel brittle, cherry blossom, vanilla, milk chocolate, sherbet, and chocolate limes. 

On the palate: Dried fruits including raisins and fig, orchard fruits of plum and pear, vanilla, white chocolate, butterscotch, baking spices and orange oil. 

Finishing notes: Lingering oak, dark chocolate and cherry drops.