Our Home Becomes World Heritage Site

News  •  10.07.17

Our Home Becomes World Heritage Site

Over 14,000 people were rooting for the Lakes District to achieve World Heritage status, and guess what?… We did it!

With around 18 million visitors a year, it’s no secret that the Lakes District is one of the most stunning landscapes that the UK has to offer. We are grateful and proud to call this beautiful part of the country our home. The Lakes District has been trying to gain the status since 1986, and the announcement places it among other breathtaking landmarks like The Grand Canyon and the Taj Mahal. The landscape was commended for the inspiration it provides for art and literature, alongside its farming trade and charming ambience. The identity, inspiration and conservation of the Lakes is apparent, in the story-telling by local heroes past and present. Both residents and visitors are utterly overjoyed by the incredible news.

Local businesses, farming and industries are intertwined in this stunning cultural landscape and we continually strive for innovative ways to conserve and evolve our spectacular home. Industry is crucial to the World Heritage story, shaping our local culture through entrepreneurialism and innovation. All of our raw materials are locally sourced, and the spirit of the Lakes is what makes us, us! Not only will the status provide new opportunity for local businesses, but of course, the local residents are tremendously proud that their hometown is getting the recognition it deserves. Watch this video from the #WeAreTheLakes campaign here, to hear their thoughts.

Our home, the Borrowdale and Bassenthwaite valley, is the largest of the thirteen Lakeland valleys. It extends from the high fells of Rossett Pike and Esk Hause in the south to the northern edge of the Caldbeck Fells, and the wide, coastal plain of Solway Firth. Situated here are the beautiful glacial lakes of Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite. The area’s settlement dates back to the Neolithic era and this shines through in our historic monuments and the strong values built into our culture. A landmark to make note of for your next visit is the large stone circle at Elva Plain, east of Bassenthwaite Lake. The small hillforts at Castle Crag and Castle How may date back to the later prehistoric period, as well as the Roman fort at Caermote, and a well-preserved group of Roman period native settlements at Aughertree Fell. Our location is what makes us so special – the purity of our water is crucial to the quality of our spirits. Luckily for us, the River Derwent’s water is as close to perfection as it gets.

We’ve known all along that our area is special – we hope visitors from across the globe will visit and appreciate it in all its glory. The announcement has allowed The Lakes Distillery to take status as the only whisky distillery in a World Heritage site within the UK… (and possibly even the world!). Existing and future visitors can hopefully enjoy higher quality and broader opportunities within leisure and hospitality in the Lakes District, and, as ever, we will work tirelessly to promote it and embrace its spirit. We will be raising a glass to our beautiful home and all the existing and future visitors who head into our neck of the woods each year!

Photo Credit: Chris Copeland

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