Steel Bonnets GOLD Award

News  •  06.09.18

Steel Bonnets GOLD Award

Steel Bonnets has been awarded a gold medal in the Luxury Masters prestigious Spirits Business Awards in the World Whisky Ultra-Premium Category (whiskies over £51).

The Luxury Masters competition drives to reward the finest luxury spirits on the global stage. Chaired by The Spirits Business and assessed by a panel of leading spirits specialists, Steel Bonnets was the only World Whisky to secure a Gold Medal award in its’ category.

Excellence is rewarded by a blind tasting panel led by whisky experts from across the globe, handing out medals as many as they felt fit.

Created with the Lakes Single Malt at the heart of the spirit and complemented by some of the most respected malts from Scotland, judges commented that Steel Bonnets was ‘full and warm’ with ‘green apple, slight woodsmoke’ and a palate of ‘cinnamon and plum’. It is the world’s first blend of English malt and Scotch malt whisky.

With the growing trend for customers to spend more and drink less, the Spirits Business Luxury Masters is an increasingly important award, reviewing a portfolio of spirits from the traditional premium cognacs and brandy, to more contemporary spirits including tequila, rum and gin.

Paul Currie, our Chief Operating Officer and original Founder of The Lakes Distillery, said “I’m incredibly proud that Steel Bonnets has been recognised by some of the world’s leading whisky experts for its excellence. Our Master Whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi has created something very special.”

Last year, Sullivan’s Cove of Tasmania took home a plethora of gold awards in the World Whisky category (with an RRP of over AUD $200 per bottle), and it is with great pride we are able to sit alongside them on the world stage with our first ever English and Scotch malt whisky. This also puts us in line with Chivas Regal Ultis (RRP £168 per bottle), who secured a gold in the Scotch category last year.

Paul said, “The excellence demonstrated in our category confirms the emphasis leading whisky makers are putting on taste and quality. With the growing trend for customers to spend more and drink less make this an increasingly important award for premium spirits.

“Our ambition is to establish The Lakes Distillery as a luxury global whisky brand and this recognition is another significant step towards this. I’m absolutely thrilled.”

The Lakes Distillery Master Whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi, said: “I’m honoured that Steel Bonnets has received a Gold Medal. It is very rewarding that the knowledgeable tasting panel appreciated this unique whisky.”

This is the third year the competition has been run, and clearly demonstrates that there is also substance alongside style in the ultra-premium categories. Last year Greg Dillon, one of the panelist judges said, “It’s not just about slapping on a price tag and claiming to be ultra premium. There’s really good stuff out there and it shines through.”

We’re thrilled Steel Bonnets has been independently recognised as sitting alongside the best.