Meet Sveta Dorosheva, the artist behind Mosaic

News  •  16.02.22

Meet Sveta Dorosheva, the artist behind Mosaic

Discover more about the illustrator of our latest release in The Whiskymaker’s Editions series, Mosaic.

Specialising in narrative art and illustration, visual artist Sveta Dorosheva set to work on telling the nomadic and ancient storyline of Mosaic through her unique, detailed style of artistry.

Sveta Dorosheva

About Sveta

Ukrainian-born Sveta has a deep fascination for myths and fairy tales, where she often merges these themes with traditional motifs and her own contemporary ideas.

Now settled in Israel, her evolution into a fully fledged artist has largely been self-taught, honing her skills through book illustrations and artworks for magazines.

An author of two books and shortlisted three times at the AOI World Illustration Awards, Sveta also enjoyed a prestigious three-month artist residency at the Art Peace Swatch Hotel in Shanghai.

I am deeply influenced by how incredible the world actually is. I am convinced, that actual life is way more imaginative than anything I could ever conceive.

The Process

Using practices from her days in advertising, the ideation process for Sveta’s illustrations starts with the writing down of ideas. By doing this, she is able to decide whether she fully envisages the idea or if it’s a ‘beautiful fog’.

With period, subject matter and every object meticulously planned, Sveta describes the concept – or the act of always turning nothing into something – as a ‘miracle’.

The Mosaic Illustration in progress

Following on from a period of extensive research, the technique and medium for the creation are chosen. Whilst all of Sveta’s work is hand-drawn on paper, the right combination of paper, nibs, inks, colours and brushes is another time-consuming process she undergoes.

After the sketch for composition and tonal scheme, the final stage is the most ‘fun and rewarding part of the job’ – the drawing.

The Art and the Whisky

Mosaic comes to life on the bottle

Inspired by the Silk Road, this lighter style of sherry-led whisky is a reflection of a journey through time and cultural becoming’s, where east meets west.

From crisp autumnal days in the west, where thin, sharp air surrenders to the aromas of woodfire and spent leaves, to the heady spice melange of Moorish bazaars and onwards into light, delicate oriental wood nuances evoking wisdom synonymous with Japanese temples.

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