Celebrating the art of blending with Scarfes Bar.

News  •  01.10.21

Celebrating the art of blending with Scarfes Bar.

Known for their signature cocktails, the team at Scarfes Bar created a new, modern sour-style cocktail with The Whiskymaker’s Editions – Recuerdo.

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Exceptional diversions from our sherry-led house style, each unique release of The Whiskymaker’s Editions is an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free.

Inspired by precious memories of the comforting character of Cognac to soothe and relax both body and mind, with Recuerdo, it is the art of blending that brings together the flavours and textural nuances to create a silky-smooth and elegant whisky, brim-full of indulgent fruits, nuts and spices.

Complex and multi-layered, with distinctive depth and liveliness, sultanas spiral into intense dark chocolate, with toasted almond and candied orange peppering the palate before dissolving into treacle.

Working with Martin Siska, director of bars at The Rosewood London Hotel, we wanted to celebrate the art of blending and creatively explore how the subtleties of flavour and textural nuances of whisky can be complemented, enhanced, and contrast to transform the drinking experience.

The Automne Sour, at Scarfes Bar

Known for their signature cocktails, the team at Scarfes Bar, in the Rosewood London Hotel, created a new, modern sour-style cocktail, combining Recuerdo’s autumnal Sherry, dark chocolate, and nutty notes with Muscat wine infused with dried Porcini mushrooms and Meadowsweet, and the sourness of maple verjus.

Beautifully balanced with sweet cocoa nibs and anise syrup, The Automne Sour is served over an ice block to keep the temperature cool. Garnished with a chocolate stone to bring more sweet notes, it is a drink that seeks to conjure and create new treasured memories.

Launched at the London Whisky Show and with only 900 individually numbered bottles made, Recuerdo is available exclusively from specialist London-based whisky stores, and to enjoy in our favourite London-based bars and restaurants; including as a cocktail of the month at Scarfes Bar.

In the making: watch how to create The Automne Sour cocktail >