The Explorer Reaches the South Pole!

News  •  21.02.18

The Explorer Reaches the South Pole!

Last year our Lakes Explorer Gin lived up to its name, and accompanied arctic adventurer Alan Chambers on a valiant voyage to the North Pole. As the new year begins, we’re excited to welcome our Explorer back from another venturesome trip to the South Pole! By, we don’t do things by halves…

Our Lakes Gin Explorer has been on many exciting journeys since we first launched, travelling with customers to all corners of the globe. From chasing waterfalls in Canada to basking in the Caribbean sun – our Explorer has done it all… or so we thought! Few destinations can elicit the sense of adventure or daring than a journey to Antarctica. When David Wilde visited the Distillery and told us of his exhilarating quest, we just knew our Explorer would be the perfect accompaniment. Drank at the very bottom of the world, enjoying Explorer ‘neat over ice’ was given a brand new meaning…

In the midst of a vast, magnificent sheet of ice, it’s fair to say the distillery’s spirits have been taken to the most extreme ends of the earth.

Drawing on his experience of survival and endurance in icy climates, Founder member David commented, “We climbed the highest peak on the continent, Mt Vinson, without too much drama other than a frost bitten finger. Our first attempt to ski to the South Pole unfortunately ended early with the evacuation of team members due to hypothermia. I was one of the two remaining, and six days later we were airlifted out, after a five day storm was forecast! Luckily, I was later able to join another group and had the chance to ski to the South Pole, which certainly did not disappoint”.

Antarctica is blanketed by massive chunks of moving ice sheets that move about 30 feet each year. The ice’s inability to sit still makes pinpointing the world’s most southern spot with permanent precision impossible. Nevertheless, the “ceremonial pole” offers adventurers the perfect place to champion their efforts with a photo.

Our Explorer Gin may be just about the only gin to conquer both the North and South Pole – pretty impressive!

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