The Lakes Archive Auction

News  •  27.06.24

The Lakes Archive Auction

Earlier this month, we opened the doors of our private whisky archive and invited you to join us in a grand celebration of Galáxia, and all that has come before... 

From our playful, flavour-packed limited Editions to the sherry-led Whiskymaker's Reserve, we made a single bottle available of the sold out, or hardest to find, releases from as early as 2019. The Lakes Archive auction ran from the 6-16th June 2024 and had no buyer fees, reserves, or postage costs and all auction items began at £10.

With 10% of all proceeds being donated to our charity partner, The Lake District Foundation, we are delighted to share the final bid prices and would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated. 

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.1 

The first in a series of 5,922 individually numbered bottles, The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.1 has matured principally in PX and red wine casks, comprising American, Spanish and French oak. The finest, meticulously sourced casks embody the whiskymaker’s flavour palette; the foundations of his masterpiece, the vehicle of his ambition.
Winning bid: £1,551

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.2 

The second single malt whisky in The Whiskymaker's Reserve series; No.2 is an intense and robust single malt whisky. With only 4,788 bottles available in the UK, the nose is rich and complex with dried fruits and treacle, creamy layers of wood spice, comforting vanilla on the palate, and a long and luxurious finish. 
Winning bid: £791

The Whiskymaker's Editions Colheita 

Drawn from our whiskymaker’s collection of bespoke casks, the inaugural release of The Lakes Whiskymaker's Editions brings Colheita Port's influence into the frame. In Portuguese, Colheita (Col-yate-a) means “harvest”, which in this instance is a supreme and exceptionally rare expression of aged Tawny Port made exclusively of grapes from a single vintage.
Winning bid: £240

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.3

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.3 is a rich and fragrant single malt, matured in the finest, meticulously sourced PX, Oloroso, Cream Sherry and red wine casks. Subtly distinct and unique, the third instalment of our journey to define a signature style.
Winning bid: £540 

The Whiskymaker's Editions Recuerdo 


The Whiskymaker's Editions Recuerdo is a complex and multi-layered single malt whisky, inspired by precious memories of the comforting character and texture of Cognac to soothe and relax both body and mind.
Winning bid: £343

The Whiskymaker's Editions Miramar 

With a delicately complex sweetness and layers of intricately woven flavour, Miramar is bursting with stone fruit character contrasted with comforting vanilla and hints of gentle spice, dried Morello cherries cavort with Santa Rosa plums. Fresh apricot perfumed elegance fills the warm sea air, with cinnamon, honey and toasted malt featherlight on the ocean breeze. Versatile and expansive, with only 600 individually numbered bottles.
Winning bid: £375

 The Whiskymaker's Editions Sequoia 


The iconic ever-changing landscape in North California's renowned wine country is the inspiration for Sequoia. Heavily influenced by a diverse combination of cask types and exploring the subtleties of flavour through blending, Sequoia paints a very different picture to most red wine influenced whiskies, never failing to surprise and reward the adventurous.
Winning bid: £215

The Whiskymaker's Editions Le Goûter 

Transporting you to the exquisite Parisian streets in spring, Le Goûter is a one-off release that has been exclusively made for Harvey Nichols. With only 306 numbered bottles, the whisky's delicate sophistication and understated elegance carry you to the heady patisserie, where fragrant jasmine and crème anglaise swirl into hints of pear, citrus zest and freshly baked madeleines.
Winning bid: £910 

The Whiskymaker's Editions Bal Masque 

Complex and aromatic, Bal Masque bears the mystery and seduction of a masquerade ball in its depths. Flavours and aromas mingle like masked revellers with featherlight touches, coquettish flourishes and always the promise of more. Of being transported to unchartered territories beyond expectations.
Winning bid: £199

The Whiskymaker's Editions Liberty 

Bold, courageous, and confident, Liberty is the perfect exponent of our wholehearted belief in the freedom of expression. A whisky that speaks for itself, at 56% ABV, Liberty is a single malt whisky made through the art of blending and the layering of flavours and textual nuances.
Winning bid: £275

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.4 

Named ‘The Worlds Best Single Malt’ at the 2022 World Whiskies Awards. At 52% ABV and bottled at natural colour, Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.4 is one of our most complex yet approachable whiskies in the series to date.
Winning bid: £470

The Whiskymaker's Editions Forbidden Fruit 

Combining two polar opposite flavour profiles, Forbidden Fruit pairs the old rustic character of port with vibrant exotic fruits and, in challenging traditional convention, takes you on a pioneering adventure into the unknown.
Winning bid: £265

The Whiskymaker's Editions Soleado 

Travelling through the bright and luscious aroma-rich valleys of vibrant orange groves, where the luscious, fresh tang of Seville mermelada is ever-present in the air, sparked a moment of intrigue. The instant where Soleado was born.
Winning bid: £331

The Whiskymaker's Editions Mosaic 


Made with carefully designed pockets of flavour from our bespoke collection of casks, Mosaic takes inspiration from the Silk Road – the ancient continental avenue of east-west trade and cultural exchange – it draws together a sense of adventure from East and West, uniting eclectic influences and flavours in a singular, sophisticated expression.
Winning bid: £234

The Whiskymaker's Editions Infinity 

The rich, intense character of Infinity inspires profound thought. Complex and mysterious, it appears to be in a state of constant evolution. Where one door closes and another opens.
Winning bid: £195

The Whiskymaker's Editions Milky Way 


Milky Way is both a departure and a return – a Lake District round trip taking us light years from The Lakes sherry house style. Its whimsical, light-hearted nature rings true with its origin as an experiment inspired by the characteristics of vanilla oatmeal stout.
Winning bid: £1,055

The Whiskymaker's Editions Volar 

Volar, meaning ‘to fly’ in Spanish, is inspired by the Cantabrian Range of mountains in northern Spain. Embodying both its inspiration and dual mountain wine and sherry cask influences, Volar is simultaneously uplifting and vibrant, and restrained and fragrant, with a fruitful depth rich in berry compote and dates.
Winning bid: £221

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.5 

The fifth instalment in what has become an internationally award-winning series of single malt whiskies. Matured in the finest bespoke Oloroso, PX, and red wine casks, compromising Spanish and American oak, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 is an elegant and Moorish evolution, possessing the same sherry-led, wood-forward characteristics as its predecessors.
Winning bid: £200

The Whiskymaker's Editions Revelation 

Revelation is a whisky designed with the intent to defy established conventions. Recounting a tale of exploration through an oak-led maturation philosophy, it reveals how it is possible to create a medley of tropical fruit notes though maturation and cask expertise. The 763 individually numbered bottles of Revelation are light, fresh, bright and bursting with the character of exotic fruits and plums.
Winning bid: £284

The Whiskymaker's Editions Resfeber   

With a core of cream sherry seasoned casks and additional character from red wine barriques, Resfeber bottles the excitement and energy at the onset of a journey, the restless race of the traveller's heart before setting off.
Winning bid: £179


The Whiskymaker's Editions Odyssey

The second of two exclusive limited-edition single malt whiskies in partnership with Selfridges, Odyssey explores the complexity of the whisky journey. Faced with the challenge of bringing unexpected elements together through blending, components traditionally thought of as difficult to combine were treated as pieces in a puzzle. Rich, rustic and dark, Odyssey is designed to shaped until its journey’s end where forest fruits sit on a sherry core, with European oak leading the way.
Winning bid: £310 

The Whiskymaker's Editions Decadence 

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Scarfes Bar, Decadence is a whisky created in exclusive partnership with Scarfes Bar and Rosewood London. An enchanting fusion of fruit and chocolatey notes, Decadence affords an indulgent twist to a comforting flavour combination. Rich and opulent butterscotch, figs, dates, and a burst of orange zest, Decadence is a versatile balance of sweetness and warm wood spice.
Winning bid: £960

The Whiskymaker's Editions Cascade 

Ignited by the discovery of an eclectic combination of casks and ideas, Cascade is a harmonious bouquet of tastes and aromas, hand-picked and thoughtfully arranged to reveal the natural beauty of each flavour.
Winning bid: £260 

The Whiskymaker's Editions Rivêa

Launched exclusively in the US, Rivêa takes us on a road trip inspired by the Ligurian Riviera and the rustic sophistication synonymous with the region farmed for cliff-clinging seaside towns, abundant orange groves and alluring turquoise coves.
Winning bid: £250 

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.6 

Turning the spotlight on exotic spices and gentle rose fragrance, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.6 brings rich new flavours to the fore, creating a distinctly different mood from its predecessors. Matured in the finest, meticulously sourced Oloroso, PX and red wine casks, this complex and aromatic release transports you to the bustle of Moorish bazaars.
Winning bid: £140

The Whiskymaker's Editions Voyage

Available exclusively in Australia, Voyage is an expedition through taste, designed exclusively for Members of The Whisky Club. Following a long and winding road, the marks each path carves into this whisky are treasures of a fruitful adventure.
Winning bid: £1,600

The Whiskymaker's Editions Isadora 

Unbound by tradition, Isadora is a 900 individually numbered distillery exclusive with a rich and intricate dance of flavour where alluring golden hues conceal its true depth and layers of complexity.
Winning bid: £350