News  •  02.05.24

Galáxia; A leading luminary in The Whiskymaker's Editions

In the illustrious tapestry of The Whiskymaker's Editions series, Galáxia shines bright. With a rich array of flavours - creamy textures, malt nuances, stewed fruits, aromatic spices, and floral fragrances - it is a sparkling constellation that unites the most admired characteristics from the entire Whiskymaker's Editions series in a grand celebration of all that has come before. 

Background & Inspiration 

The final edition created by whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi, Galáxia is a testament to the art of flavour creation and elevation. The culmination of the most prized characters in the series, skilfully woven together using bespoke sherry seasoned casks and the technique of elévage - a painstakingly detailed approach to maturation. 

Unlike conventional practices, elévage is not a waiting game but a dynamic journey marked by proactive change, a clear vision, and meticulous attention to detail. Conducting the interplay between spirit, oak, and air, our whiskymaker makes intentional movements between, to, and within our casks to evolve new character complexity, depth, and multiple layers of flavour combinations. 

During maturation, our casks become vessels of transformation, guiding the whisky along a carefully designed path of evolution. By intimately understanding each cask - how the flavours are evolving and how they can complement, enhance, or contrast with others - we create depth, roundness, and harmony that defines The Lakes Single Malt and it's distinctive indulgent finish. 

Once we have designed an array of flavour combinations, it is through assemblage that, we are able to harmonise and accentuate specific flavour profiles. Skilfully combining whiskies from different casks, each infused with its own unique character, our whiskymaker can create compositions that exceed the individual sum of their parts. With Galáxia, it is this same technique that has enabled us to carefully isolate and harmonise the most prized characters of the series, weaved together to create a single malt whisky that is rich with deep and complex layers of flavour. 

Flavour Profile

Rich, indulgent and seductively perfumed, Galáxia offers rich aromas of dark fruitcake laced with ginger, hints of walnuts, cocoa nibs and apple crumble. On the palate, it unfolds as complex and creamy, with wood spice harmonising beautifully with manuka honey, candied pecans, and Christmas cake, delighting the senses. The finish is bold and lingering, with dark fruit and decadent chocolate notes, leaving you enchanted in a rich tapestry of flavours. 

"Carefully selected casks, including sherry-seasoned oak and ex-bourbon barrels, come together to create a flavour that is truly out of this world"

- The Whisky Connoisseurs Club


Celebrating Cherished Characters

Galáxia pays homage to the cherished characteristics of previous Whiskymaker’s Editions, highlighting their unique flavour profiles:

Aromatic Spice: Delicate and sweet aromatic spices infuse Galáxia, weaving a captivating blend of cultural influences that add intricate layers of depth and complexity, creating a fusion of cultural flavours reminiscent of Bal Masque and The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.6.

Cream & Malt: Alluring vanilla notes in Galáxia unveil a light, elegant and sophisticated dimension. Complemented by a creamy malt fruit character, this edition is a true affirmation of earlier expressions Le Goûter and Mosaic.

Floral Perfume & Stone Fruit: The light, vibrant, and floral characters burst into a fragrant symphony against a backdrop of deliciously crisp stone fruits; playing tribute to the lighter and refreshing profiles of its ancestors Soleado and Equinox.

Stewed Fruit: The deep, fragrant and seductive characters awaken the senses, giving way to bold stewed stone fruits, echoing the allure of Iris and Forbidden Fruit.

In essence, Galáxia is a testament to the art of flavour creation and elevation, inviting you to reflect on all the past Whiskymaker's Editions in a grand celebration of all that has come before. 


Galáxia is a one-off, never to be repeated limited release available online, instore and at quality specialist retailers.