The Whiskymaker’s Editions Infinity: a whisky designed for the curious.

News  •  18.10.22

The Whiskymaker’s Editions Infinity: a whisky designed for the curious.

Unlocking a new dimension with every sip, The Whiskymaker’s Editions Infinity is inspired by a never-ending fascination with the interconnectedness of fragrance and flavour.

Designed to stimulate profound thought and offer a unique experience for the curious, Infinity delves deep into the notion that everything in nature is entwined in a state of perpetual motion, leading to somewhere new.

A Journey of Discovery

Unveiled in collaboration with Whisky Exchange and Whisky Show London, Infinity was launched to London’s on-trade at an intimate invite-only evening in the stunning Sibin Whisky Bar, Great Scotland Yard Hotel.

Exploring our obsession for flavour creation and the role blending plays in designing one of the most challenging Lakes Single Malt Whiskys to date, our whiskymaker took guests on an interactive voyage of discovery.

The Lakes’ whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi.

With Dhavall as their guide, mixologists and bartenders from the capital’s finest bars and restaurants discovered first-hand how layers of flavour can be created to compete with one another in unison.

Carefully layering complementary and contrasting notes from the array of herbs and spices on hand, guests learned the importance of counterbalancing “sweet warming aromas” with “penetrating compounds” and how “supporting flavours” can help to conjure a harmonious blend.

Exploring the infinite art of blending.

Inspired by interconnectedness, intrigue and mystery, Infinity is a whisky that appears to be in a state of constant evolution on both the nose and palate. As one door closes, another opens up.

Designed with the art of élevage, Infinity is made with whisky that has matured in many of our finest sherry casks, with the rich, heaviness of Oloroso casks deftly counterbalanced by rare Palo Cortado and Manzanilla seasoned casks, and an array of additional supporting layers.

Many years in the making, it is an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free.

The Whiskymaker’s Editions Infinity

Simultaneously complex and enigmatic, bewildering and delightful, each inimitable taste of Infinity entices you to go deeper and deeper into a metaphorical rabbit hole of flavours, offering the opportunity to explore infinite ever-changing combinations that make it difficult to define where they come from and where they lead.

Created with a modern approach and a wide variety of exceptional sherry casks, Infinity is a whisky that offers a unique experience. With layer upon layer of continuously changing aromas and flavours, perfectly balanced and each jostling to shine through, it is a complex whisky that unlocks a different dimension with every sip. As one door closes, another one opens up in this constantly evolving whisky.
Dhavall Gandhi, whiskymaker at The Lakes Distillery

Non-chill filtered, bottled at the natural colour, and 52% ABV, The Whiskymaker’s Editions Infinity is available now.