Collaboration: A history of The Lakes & Scarfes Bar

News  •  05.10.23

Collaboration: A history of The Lakes & Scarfes Bar

With a shared affection for the arts - Scarfes Bar is filled with artistic history and as we partner with independent artists for each of our Editions’ bespoke labels - working together to celebrate Scarfes’ 10th birthday with The Whiskymaker's Editions Decadence was a natural fit.

Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood London opened in 2014 and is an award-winning bar inspired by the atmosphere of a drawing room, with live jazz music playing each day from a host of talented performers evoking a convivial and sophisticated yet intimate atmosphere.

The bar is named after the renowned British artist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, whose artwork adorns the walls of the bar and is encompassed within the cocktail menus.

The No.5 (left) and No.6 (right) cocktails, inspired by The Whiskymaker's Reserve Series

The bar’s cocktail programme is led by Area Director of Bars Martin Siska and Head of Mixology Yann Bouvignies. The mixology team create their very own homemade syrups and distillates within their Lab, which they use within all their cocktails and new menus at the bar. The drinks are a combination of minimalistic, but perfectly executed, textured drinks and innovative technology.

This year, Scarfes Bar was ranked No.22 in the Top 50 Cocktail Bars 2023, this follows on from previous rankings of of No. 41 in the Top 500 Bars List 2022, No.31 on the Top 500 Bars List 2021 and No. 54 on The World's 50 Best Bars List 2020, as well as being award the Best International Hotel Bar at the 2020 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards.

Scarfes Bar created a modern sour-style cocktail using The Whiskymaker's Editions Recuerdo 

Since its launch a decade ago, Scarfes Bar has become an iconic and exclusive destination renowned for its playful cocktail menus and we have enjoyed a longstanding partnership with them.

Not only has our whisky been listed in the bar since the very beginning, but The Lakes Single Malt has enjoyed dedicated cocktails, including imaginative takes on the Old Fashioned cocktail using The Whiskymaker's Reserve and a modern sour-style serve crafted to elevate the complex and multi-layered flavours of The Whiskymaker's Editions Recuerdo. We are also privileged to be included on its 10th anniversary menu, called 10

As we both continue to push the boundaries of flavour creation, we look forward to continuing this open-minded and curious collaboration for many more years to come.