Isadora; Empowering women through whisky.

News  •  12.03.24

Isadora; Empowering women through whisky.

We proudly present Isadora, a distillery exclusive that pays homage to the avant-garde spirit of Isadora Duncan, the ground breaking founder of contemporary dance who fearlessly challenged norms and defied conventions. Famous for her style, inspired by Greek imagery and Italian Renaissance paintings, Isadora defied the constricting conventions of ballet, placing significant emphasis on the female form and free-flowing movements.

Released on International Women's Day, our limited 900-bottle series was created to celebrate “the spirit of modernity and inclusivity in the world of whisky,” seamlessly blending tradition, innovation, and the essence of Isadora Duncan in every drop.

Leading up to the release, we organised a prize draw, offering enthusiasts the chance to win bottle number one, signed by our whiskymaker Sarah Burgess, for a £10 entry fee. All proceeds from this initiative ensure the continual support of OurWhisky Foundation, a non-profit organisation recognising and empowering women within the global whisky industry. Though our collaborative efforts with the whisky community, we have proudly raised over £2,000 for this amazing cause, furthering the advancement and representation of women in the whisky world.

Isadora embodies both the revolutionary spirit of its namesake and The Lakes' dedication to innovative and progressive whisky-making techniques. Sarah orchestrates an infinite array of flavour possibilities during the maturation process, ensuring Isadora reflects our commitment to excellence.

As Sarah aptly explains, “Designed by élevage, we aimed to create an elegant and timeless sherry-led whisky with a modern twist. Free from traditional constraints, Isadora invites you to take a graceful waltz through a rich tapestry of flavours, culminating in a crescendo of bitter dark chocolate and a luxurious, long-mouth-coating finish.”

Becky Paskin, founder of OurWhisky Foundation expressed, “Sarah is not just a master in her craft but also a mentor and ardent supporter of the OurWhisky Foundation. As a non-profit heavily reliant on the generous support of industry partners, we are thrilled that Sarah and The Lakes are contributing to our fundraising efforts by providing the inaugural bottle of Isadora.”

All remaining bottles will be available for purchase at £150 exclusively at our distillery's boutique starting from 8 March. Visit us for the opportunity to purchase Isadora.