Illuminating a lighter side of The Lakes Single Malt; Cascade.

News  •  24.11.23

Illuminating a lighter side of The Lakes Single Malt; Cascade.

Free from convention and guided by creative curiosity, The Whiskymaker’s Editions Cascade illuminates a lighter side of The Lakes Single Malt.

One of the first whiskies released under Sarah Burgess, who became The Lakes’ Whiskymaker in January 2023, Cascade follows her inaugural release in collaboration with Scarfes Bar, which sold out within 90 minutes, and provides an experience unlike any previous releases from The Lakes.
Its creation began with the discovery of an eclectic combination of casks that piqued her curiosity. The result is a harmonious bouquet of tastes and aromas, hand-picked and thoughtfully arranged to reveal the natural beauty of each flavour.

Cascade is one of the first Lakes Single Malt releases from Whiskymaker Sarah Burgess

"This whisky holds a special place in my heart as it was born out of a moment of pure inspiration while sampling our single malt stock.

"Cascade showcases a lighter side of The Lakes, combined with a powerful, warm palate, it is an experience unlike any of our previous whiskies."

Sarah Burgess, The Lakes' Whiskymaker

Though seemingly delicate at first glance, Cascade’s sweet perfume conceals a fervent palate that transports you to sun-warmed meadows and the heady scent of fresh-cut flowers. Within this landscape, fragrant rose petals and stone fruits intertwine harmoniously with the warmth of wood spices, vanilla, cracked black pepper, and a long, coffee caramel sweetness.

Non-chill filtered, bottled at the natural colour, and 46.6% ABV, The Whiskymaker’s Editions Cascade is an enlightening exploration of flavour that challenges conventions and elevates the whisky experience.

Released on Friday 24 November, this limited edition of 1,002 individually numbered bottles is exclusive fleetingly at, with the opportunity to acquire Cascade lasting until Monday 27 November.