Original artwork for The Whiskymaker's Editions Equinox includes a hare, fox, owl, eagles and flowers with colours representing the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn

News  •  07.09.23

An untold tale of often-missed beauty: The Whiskymaker's Editions Equinox

Inspired by the last lingering twilight between a vibrant summer and the promise of a crisp, amber autumn morning, we are delighted to reveal The Whiskymaker's Editions Equinox.

A celebration of balance, change and reflection, Equinox reveals the often-missed beauty that unites more noticeable states, rich and vibrant flavours shine harmoniously in an elegant symphony of floral notes, fruit and enduring spice.

An autumnal-style single malt, our latest edition unlocks the memory of harvesting apples in the garden for the first crumble of the season.

The Whiskymaker's Editions Equinox bottle with two tumbler glassesEquinox is a celebration of balance, change and reflection.

Light and golden as sunset, Equinox’s bright taste of fresh apricots and orange blossoms are a fragrant toast to summer. Warm apple turnover, orchard fruits and sweet spices welcome the autumn to come.

Released on Thursday 07 September, at 46.6% ABV and non-chill filtered, The Whiskymaker’s Editions Equinox is natural in colour and available at LakesDistillery.com, the boutique at our brand home and from specialist whisky retailers in the UK and internationally.