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The Whiskymaker's Editions

The Whiskymaker's Editions

MiramarThe Whiskymaker’s Editions is a series of one-off releases showcasing the sense of adventure of our whiskymaker.Each Edition is an exceptional diversion from The...


The Whiskymaker’s Editions is a series of one-off releases showcasing the sense of adventure of our whiskymaker.

Each Edition is an exceptional diversion from The Lakes sherry-led house style; an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free.

Portuguese for 'sea-view', time advances, shadows lengthen, and the conversation meanders as the day drifts into dusk.Big skies and panoramic ocean views progressively, irreversibly, transform before the very eyes. Sundown, moon up. Old friends surrendering themselves to evolution, letting destiny take care of itself.

With a delicately complex sweetness and layers of intricately woven flavour, Miramar is bursting with stone fruit character contrasted with comforting vanilla and hints of gentle spice, dried Morello cherries cavort with Santa Rosa plums. Fresh apricot perfumed elegance fills the warm sea air, with cinnamon, honey and toasted malt featherlight on the ocean breeze.

Versatile and expansive, with only 600 individually numbered bottles.

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Meet the artist

We partnered with Tom Clohosy Cole,  a freelance digital illustrator to create the sunset scene presented on the latest Whiskymaker’s Reserve release, Miramar. We specifically worked with Tom as his vivid work carries a lot of detail and interest, with his painterly approach and use of light bringing hope and optimism to his work.

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Your soundtrack

Whisky and music; two worlds entwined through the desire to create an emotional impact.

Perfectly suited to accompany a beautiful evening and the camaraderie of good friends, jazz is crafted with the same distinct characteristics as every other style of music but pushes the boundaries of what is possible through a continual desire for improvisation.

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A limited edition

With only 600 individually numbered bottles now sold out from Master of Malt, Miramar is a fruity and lively single malt whisky, designed to be enjoyed alongside great conversation with good friends in a beautiful environment.

[Lakes whiskymaker] Dhavall Gandhi has produced an incredible expression here, with plenty of plum and stone fruit notes, balanced by touches of toasted malt and sea breeze.


Aroma Dried cherry, brandy snaps, fresh peaches, a waft of sea air and a touch of buttery malt
On the palate Salted caramel tart, red plums, softly toasted barley, cinnamon, orange oil, subtly coastal
Finishing notes Lingering hints of honey and stewed fruits
ABV % 54%
Filtration Non-chill filtered
Colour Natural in colour