The Whiskymaker's Editions

The Whiskymaker's Editions

DecadenceThe Whiskymaker’s Editions is a series of one-off releases showcasing the sense of adventure of our whiskymaker.Each Edition is an exceptional diversion from The...


The Whiskymaker’s Editions is a series of one-off releases showcasing the sense of adventure of our whiskymaker.

Each Edition is an exceptional diversion from The Lakes sherry-led house style; an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free.

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Scarfes Bar, Decadence is a whisky created in partnership with Scarfes Bar and Rosewood London.

An enchanting fusion of fruit and chocolatey notes, Decadence affords an indulgent twist to a comforting flavour combination. Designed with the spirit of Scarfes, it’s a taste of home from home.

Rich with opulent butterscotch, figs, dates, and a burst of orange zest, Decadence is a versatile balance of sweetness and warm wood spice.

Best shared, shaken or stirred with good friends, whichever way people choose to enjoy it, they are sure to savour every drop as the last mouthful lingers like buttercream.

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Commemorating a milestone

Crafted as part of Rosewood London X campaign, Decadence is one of a series of unique collaborations that celebrates a decade of innovation and craftsmanship, from one of the capital's most innovative hospitality brands.

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A longstanding partnership

Since its launch, Scarfes Bar has become an iconic and exclusive destination renowned for its playful cocktail menus and we have enjoyed a longstanding partnership with them.

Discover more about our open-minded and curious history of collaboration.

An extraordinary festival of flavour, towering with joyful layers of taste, aroma, and texture, Decadance is also the inaugural creation from Sarah Burgess.

Aroma Green apples, raisins, polished oak, gentles pices, citrus, and chocolate
On the palate Wood spices, butterscotch, rich dark chocolate,figs, dates, orange oil and zest
Finishing notes Long-lasting, mouth-coating and butter-rich
ABV % 49%
Filtration Non-chill filtered
Colour Natural in colour